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Coming To Theaters...

At long last, the film I scored, sound designed and co-produced is coming to select theaters this fall (in the US), and in December 2012 will be available worldwide via iTunes and Amazon for veiwing on your AppleTV, ROKU box, Mac or PC, or mobile device (and possibly via your satellite or cable provider).  I'll spare you the gory details of the setbacks and obstacles Justin (my partner and writer/director/cinematographer) and I have endured in bringing our baby to market over the past three years and focus on the positives, of which there are many:

A Lonely Place For Dying finished its ambitious 2 year festival run with 46 official selections, 53 award nominations, and 29 wins including 18 for best picture (there was a win for my score in there as well).  W00t!

2) Thanks to Justin's ingenuity and relentlessness and a small team of dedicated people the film is presently booked into a number of theaters in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wisconsin and Ohio (and no thanks to the Hollywood's middle men).  I've just completed revamped the ALPFD website's landing page to be a one-stop shop for venue information, so
check it out if you live in those states.  (As a side note, I've employed some slick javascript animation in the navigation this time -- click on "Listen To The Music" to see what I mean)

3) We're excited about our growing fan base for the movie on Facebook. We're at over 17,000 likes and that number is growing by a couple hundred likes a day. That puts our micro-budget independent films' Facebook awareness above most Magnolia Pictures' releases, one of the largest independent film distributors in America. Considering how fraught with difficulty the path to distributing our work has been, and what little success we've had soliciting the gatekeepers of traditional film distribution channels, this feels particularly empowering. Check out the
A Lonely Place For Dying Facebook page for all the latest updates on the release.

4) We've been producing a series of TV trailers and a trailer for my maxi-single for the title song which will all be airing nationally during shows like "Breaking Bad" and on MTV.  I'll post those for you to see soon.

5) I just got back from a trip to Chicago where we had a special press screening of the movie, so hopefully we'll get some good reviews in the near future.  We had a few moments in the screening where a couple journalists laughed -- in the spots they where they were supposed to (and the movie is not a comedy) -- and two of the reviewers told us after the screening they loved the movie and the music, which most people don't even comment on, so that was a promising sign.  Speaking of music...

6) Look for an upcoming release of my soundtrack for the movie.  I'm going to be cutting it down and otherwise editing it and mastering it for release in September. I'm gonna have to break out a OS X 10.6 boot drive  -- I have a feeling some of those cues (which I tracked in 2009) might not function correctly in Mountain Lion.  ;-)

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